PE Tub Liner

  • Infinity’s PE Tub liner is a layer of PE liner with a 125-micron thickness. It is a useful but optional flexitank accessory, which minimizes cargo wastage or losses in case of spillages or leakages of liquid cargo from the flexitank. It also serves as another protection layer for the flexitank in addition to the corrugated paper lining on the container wall and floor.
  • Reasons to use the PE Tub Liner with your Flexitank :
    • Contain leakage or spillage of liquid cargo from Flexitank. The lost cargo can be recovered by pumping it out from the PE Tub Liner, which means less wastage or losses.
    • Leakage or spillage is contained within the PE Tub Liner, so the container will be free from liquid stains and the cleaning cost will be minimized.
    • The container with contained spillage can be weighed before and after pumping out the spilled cargo to establish a more accurate measure of the losses.
    • The PE Tub Liner acts as another protective layer for the Flexitank in addition to the corrugated paper.