Paper IBC

What is IBC?

1. Short form for Intermediate Bulk Container.

2. Used for storage and transportation of non-hazardous semi-bulk liquid cargo.

Concept of IBC

1. One-way disposable paper IBC

2. Bag in a box concept of packaging.

3. 1000 liters capacity.

4. Top Load / Bottom Discharge

Benefits of Using IBC

1. Simple Setup & Discharge

– Less labor required to setup and fill.

– Less time to fill.

– No pump required for discharging as it comes with bottom discharge outlet.

2. Space Saving

– Maximize payload in FCL container.

– Empty IBC is collapsible and palletize.

– Can store 20% more product in a 20′ GP compared to drum.

3. Environmentally Friendly

– Bio-degradable

– No bucket, drums or rigid containers needs to be disposed.

– No cleaning cost required.

– Zero contamination.

4. No Leasing Cost

– The ownership of IBC is as per unit sold.

– No repositioning cost involved.

– Can be used as temporary storage solution.

5. Superior Strength

– Offer a compression strength from 0.8- 1.5 tons.

– Stackable of 4 high during stationary.

6. Heating Equipment

– Enable heating liquid product that is solidified.

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