2-Valve Flexitank

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• A Flexitank (Flexibag) is a bladder used for bulk shipment of non-hazardous liquid cargo and consists of four inner liners made of polyethylene (PE) film and an outer layer made of woven polypropylene (PP). These bladders have a capacity of 16,000 to 24,000 liters and are made to be used inside a standard 20’ ISO container. Having been manufactured for single-use purposes, Flexitanks are a cost-effective means of transporting liquid products such as chemicals, latex, wines, oils, and juices.

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• It takes 20-30 minutes to install a Flexitank inside a container. Once installation has been completed, it is merely a matter of connecting hoses to the Flexitank, then turning on a pump to commence loading. Depending on the viscosity of the product, loading can take as little as 45 – 90 minutes. Once loading has been completed, the container with the loaded Flexitank within can be transported by road, rail, or sea.

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• The overall benefits of using a Flexitank are that they are very cost-effective when compared to other types of bulk liquid packaging such as ISO tank containers, IBCs, and/or drums:

1. Simple installation and disposal 

2. Light weight structure

3. Food grade material

4. Specially designed for bulk liquid transportation

5. Significant savings on logistic costs compared to tank-container

6. Significant saving (over 30% – 40%) compared to other packaging method such as drum and IBC 

7. Elimination of container cleaning cost due to the disposable nature of the Flexitank

8. Reduce the risk of contamination compared to other packaging methods

9. Compatible with any mode of transportation

10. Compatible with almost all food grade products

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• At the moment, we supply 04 types of Flexitank as follows:

1. Top Loading/ Top Discharge Valves (Top – Center or TC) 

2. Top Loading/ Bottom Discharge Valves (Top – Bottom or TB)

3. Bottom Loading/ Bottom Discharge Valves (Bottom – Bottom or BB) 

4. Bottom Loading/ Bottom Discharge Valves (Bottom – Bottom or BB) Valves with Automatic Air Vent